A concentrate is exactly that. It is the concentrated molecules of the cannabis plant. All the healing properties are extracted via an alcohol wash. Blue Buddha uses 190 proof organic cane sugar ethanol. The wash is put into a machine called a RotoVape and the ethanol is removed via a freezing/ heating process. This ensures the highest example of the entire plant. Nothing is lost. All of the terpenes and molecular chains are left intact this way.

The Blue Buddha is instrumental in addressing cancers and other neurological and endocrine issues.


Our 30cc (1oz) Supersonic Nerve Tonics are water-soluble, meaning they are instantly bioavailable in your system. The oil is suspended in organic hemp oil, fortified with essential oils and terpenes. You begin feeling the effects as soon as you slip them into your mouth. Tinctures are a much lighter experience than concentrates.

Firekitty Oil

Firekitty Oil is our signature recipe created for children but also for any age. Safe and gentle topical and oral addressing everything from skin issues to neurological issues.

The recipe for Firekitty Oil was used by the ancient Sumerians with the first recording of its use dating back to 600b.c. Olive Oil infusion with cannabis, frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, calendula, and cinnamon. The other herbs catalyze the cannabis for an excellent topical healing experience. This is a great alternative for those who are sensitive to the concentrate oil and cannot take it internally. Great for all muscle and nerve issues.

Vape Products + Accessories

Our vapes are made from our concentrates with no polyglycerol or glycerin additives. These were created this way so those living with lung cancer can vape the concentrate into the pulmonary cavity for a direct hit to cancer.

Designed to either energize or put you into a relaxed blissful state.

Pet Products

Our furry babies need medicine too. Happy Dog is wonderful for reducing inflammation and stress in your four-legged family member. A cannabidiol isolate is emulsified into raw and refined hemp oil. Treats all animals from oz to 100lbs ~ cat or dog.