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Introducing The CBD Feather Vape! All of the anti-inflammatory, calming, neurologically soothing qualities of CBD, now in a vape format, for ease of dosing.
Available in TWO varieties:

Uplifter, Durbin Poison: Formulated with terpenes that are fantastic for starting your day with a boost, to uplift your mood and spirits, and keep anxiety at bay.

Sleeping Aid, Grand-Daddy Purple: Formulated with terpenes for calming your body and mind to prepare for sleep.

The cartridge needs a battery for it to work. Buy just the cartridge if you have a battery of your own, or buy our full kit (separate offering)
380 mAh Variable Voltage/Temp Battery - The Flex Cell battery is the premium adjustable temperature battery with preheating functionality for 510 threaded cartridges. The battery is easy to use and has directions designed right into the body for your convenience. Built only using the highest grade materials in a RoHS & GMP certified facility. Works with any 510 cartridge. Enjoy 3 clicks to enjoy voltage/temp from hot (3.6v), best (3.1v) and cool (2.7v).

Capacity: 380mAh

Voltage: 2.7V, 3.1V, 3.6V

Preheat: 15 sec (1.8v)

Thread: 510

Cartridge - 510 cartridge, precision-manufactured to the strictest protocols, using high-grade materials. The cartridge features a stainless steel center post and Pyrex glass, to visibly see the oil within it. The micropore ceramic core gently vaporizes your precious oil allowing you to taste the authentic flavor profiles of the CBD oil.

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