Supersonic Nerve Tonic

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600mg CBD in 30cc. Great for mood and overall nerve health.

CBD is wonderful for reducing inflammation in the body, spot treating anxiety, or just calming the nerve system so life isn’t so overwhelming. It literally feeds and restores the central nervous system. Cannabidiol has been shown to provide health improvements in those who suffer from inflammation as well as hyperactivity and other ADD, ADHD issues.

By feeding the central nervous system, it allows the other systems in the body to improve, therefore it brings the body into a more balanced state and is able to promote healing. Our CBD formula is blended with essences of sweet orange and lemons mixed with the terpene Limonene, which is naturally occurring in nature. Limonene has been known to may offer several health benefits such as the ability to reduce inflammation as well as antioxidant, anti-stress, coupled with the possibility for disease-preventing properties. Blue Buddha CBD is a wonderful choice for children on the spectrum, adults with endocrine issues as well as those who fight depression.

General Information: Our 30cc (1oz) Supersonic Nerve Tonics are water-soluble, meaning they are instantly bioavailable in your system. The FECO oil is fortified with essential oils and terpenes. You begin feeling the effects as soon as you slip them into your mouth. Tinctures are a much lighter experience than the concentrates.

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