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All About The Feather Vape

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

As we crawl into the heat of August and the heat of uncertainty globally, we wanted to take a moment and highlight a product of ours that offers good vibes and a break from our normal. Our Feather Vapes are just the product for that; clean, fun, and easy to use, we wanted to take a dive into the pool of our vape products and how it can help you beat the heat of any variety.

Our delicious vapes come in two varieties: "regular" and CBD. Each with its own blend and strain, guaranteed to elevate or relax any client. While this experience is waiting for you at the click of a button, we also wanted to address some feedback that has come our way and provide some information for the smoothest experience possible.

When you receive your Feather Vape, make sure it is tightly screwed into the battery, and also be sure it is fully charged before taking a puff. We offer batteries in addition to our vapes so that you may get the whole experience in one go. Additionally, your vape battery may need to be turned on to properly heat the coil; to do this, simply double-click the middle button of the battery with the vape attached. If you find that you have successfully charged, tightened, and double-clicked your vape and it is not pulling through, fear not!

We craft our own blends with our own concentrate, which can become very solid throughout travel. We suggest you take a hairdryer on the lowest setting and aim that baby at your vape; after a few seconds, your vape contents should be nice and ready for your enjoyment. If you have warmed your vape and it is still not acting as it should, take a look at the top of the vape where the mouth hole is. Just below it, there are three holes. If those three chambers are not showing, be sure to gently move the area around it until you see the three holes. Below

we have three images to better describe this and how to achieve it.

Finally, when storing your vape after use, please be sure to store it upright with the mouth hole facing up. Laying the vape on its side for storing might lead to a build-up or blockage and we'd like to avoid that as much as possible. As always, if none of these suggestions worked, then please feel free to email our store at with any questions or comments you may have.

We hope that you find these suggestions and tips helpful and useful for your smooth sailing summer!

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