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"FINALLY a CBD gummy with no aftertaste!! I’ve tried MANY different brands and they all have had a terrible after taste to the point where I need to eat something after taking it to get the taste out of my mouth. I am so excited that I tried baby blend and finally found one that tastes good and doesn’t leave an after taste!!"

"Blue Buddha CBD has been pivotal for my anxiety. I take the SuperSonic Nerve Tonic before sleep, and am able to relax my mind enough to fall asleep (a tough feat, may I mention!) In addition to the tincture, I carry the gummies in my purse for spot treatments, so if I'm in a crowded place, I can eat a gummy and feel my nervous system relax. I have NEVER gotten this relief from any other CBD product. Blue Buddha CBD is superior."

"Using the isolate has been a game-changer when it comes to my mom's inflammation. Her pain kept her from enjoying life, and it's so amazing to find a product that has helped the way Blue Buddha CBD Isolate has."

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